Case Study

Empowering financial traders

Global Portfolio Services is a suite of products that offers Agora affiliates the opportunity to display stock information on their websites. We worked with them to empower financial traders by providing them with a portfolio app that shows the performance of both their own and recommended stocks.

Sevices provided.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technology

A bit of background.

Michael Bresler and his team wanted to further enable their subscribers through the provision of a portfolio application that could show the performance of recommended stocks - this value adding product would also serve to drive increased user engagement. The intention was to allow My Portfolio customers to add up to 10 stocks to their watchlist which could then be monitored via an interactive chart that tracks the performance and progress of their chosen stocks.

Our approach.

We kicked-off with a Design Sprint – our first Design Sprint in Threefold. Through this collaborative design approach, the team explored, validated and produced design prototypes which were approved by our customer and which were developed further into the final high- resolution designs.

From a technical perspective, 'My Portfolio' was architected and built on 'event driven microservice technologies'. These microservices were designed to do one thing only and to do it right, the break down for each microservice was done using "domain driven design (DDD)", resulting in a bounded context for database access, graph visualization and third party integration.

The front-end was designed and implemented using Vue.JS (a very performant modern front end framework) in a 'Single Page App (SPA)' as a 'Progressive Web Application'. Using a PWA meant that the design would work on all platforms and on all devices from mobile phones to tablets and web applications - for any operating system and without using a store front. Furthermore, because the use of PWAs makes use of asynchronous RestFul API calls to the backend microservices via an API gateway, it ensured fast load and visualization times which in turn offered a great user experience.


The results.

Below are a few of the high level wins:

  • My Portfolio allowed logged in customers to add up to 10 Stocks to their Watchlist
  • Displays an interactive chart to help easily track progress of a chosen stock
  • A 'Plug-and-Play' financial data feed for rate engines
I am delighted with the product and it is great to see it being rolled-out across the affiliate network!
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