Case Study

Mastering the art of retention

Banyan Hill is a publishing company that provides smarter, safer, and more practical investing advice for people right across the globe. We worked closely with them to create a mobile app for their users so that it would help increase user engagement and retention.

Services provided.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technology

A bit of background.

Banyan Hill wanted to provide their customer base with a platform that would deliver engaging, personalised and real-time content. The stated long term objective was to drive user engagement via a mobile application that would in turn increase Banyan Hills’ user retention rates.

Our approach.

Given the nature of the project we wanted to ensure that the most appropriate solution was being developed and in order to validate the suggested approach (i.e. a mobile application), it was appropriate on this occasion to work closely with the Banyan Hill team on a 5-day design sprint.

The Design Sprint was an onsite, focused, five-day workshop which enabled us to quickly gather insights into Banyan Hills users and to subsequently prototype and validate the ideas that were generated by the team. The value of this approach lay in how it helped reduce the risk associated with launching a new product and helped the team understand if the ideas being generated were any good - before proceeding to spend the time and cost in developing out the solution.

The outcome of the Design Sprint was a high-fidelity interactive prototype, that was tested by real users and which provided clear insights on how to improve upon the prototype. Following the design sprint, our design team continued to work closely with the Banyan Hill team and through the use of stylescapes - a collaborative creative process, hit on a design that reflected and supported both the Banyan Hill brand and goals which were identified during the discovery phase.

Finally, in order to build a beautiful, high-performance and cross-platform application that supported the product goals - and which was consistent with the designs produced, Flutter (Googles UI Toolkit) was chosen as the framework of choice which helped in achieving the custom needs and requirements of the project. User testing was consistently implemented throughout the design and development phases so as to be iterating and improving real-time, below is what one test user had to say:

A great and comprehensive app with all the information and opinions I need in one place. I am definitely going to watch closely for the release of this APP in the app stores, great job!

The results.

We are due to release the Banyan Hill app in summer 2020 and look forward to assessing its performance against the metrics agreed with our partner, Banyan Hill. This has been a great project to work on and we look forward to seeing the benefits realised.

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