Case Study

Launching the sounds of Jim Donovan

OmniVista Health is leading experts in natural healing to provide people with an alternative way of healing and living a healthy life. We partnered with them to create a home for the release of their new Jim Donovan Health Solutions publication so that it engaged users with their content.

Services provided.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technology

A bit of background.

OmniVista Health wanted to launch a new franchise called Jim Donovan Health - a business that offered sound healing services. The ultimate goal - and challenge, was to create a home for all content related to the Jim Donovan Health Solutions publication that could serve to attract, retain and convert online users with an interest in alternative healing methods.

Our approach.

In order to understand both the challenges and opportunities that this unique service offering offered, we undertook a focussed 4-day design sprint which gathered all key stakeholders together with the view of identifying, prototyping and validating a working prototype. We approached this 4-day design sprint across 4 key design thinking phases - these being:

  • Understanding the problem
  • Deciding on appropriate solutions
  • Rapid prototyping of the solutions
  • Testing and validating the solutions
A true partnership!

The results.

  • Within 4 days of working with Jim Donovan Health, we had a market-validated solution
  • Based on the success of the initial solution, we have partnered with and continue to work with Jim Donovanon. We are constantly improving their solution based on ongoing analysis and refinement of the key user journeys - which in turn has resulted in improved overall website engagement and conversion rates
“Threefold's Design Sprint enabled us to explore and validate dozens of ideas. The entire process was efficient, effective and professional - I would highly recommend this approach as a starting point for any product!”

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